؟ ZIC لماذا زيوت


تعمل زيوت ZIC على زيادة أداء المحرك إلى الحد الأقصى من خلال الحماية الفائقة للمحركات في البيئات القاسية…

ZIC زيوت

زيوت ZIC هي زيوت تشحيم ممتاز مصنوع من زيت أساسي من المجموعة الثالثة عالية الجودة …

About Doroub Libya

Doroub Libya Company is the authorized agent of Zic Oils Libya Company
The Doroub Libya Company for the import of various means of transport is the result of many years of experience in the field of transport import and the provision of after-sales services, maintenance and spare parts. It also reflects the vision of its founders in adopting long-term planning to raise the level of this sector in Libya, investing in all aspects related to it, establishing strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands, and adopting scientific development plans and modern management systems that help facilitate the implementation of future strategies in expanding Commercial and service businesses and employing the latest technologies and pioneering human resources to drive development and achieve added value to the Libyan economy.